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YES I REALIZE THIS IS MANY DAYS LATE but I was sick and busier than a one-legged man in an asskicking contest, so prz no judge. :|b

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Okay so out of everybody on my flist who has seen at least part of the Dexter series and enjoys what they've seen, I can think of maybe one or two excluding myself who has actually read at least the first book. And that, flist, is a Very Bad Thing.

Here are some reasons to read the book series if you have already watched the TV series. If you haven't watched the TV series you won't really get this.:

1) In the first book, there is none of that DURRR OH NO PLAGUED WITH FLASHBACKS!! thing that was in the first season, and to me that seems to make Dexter a stronger character.

2) THERE IS ALSO NONE OF THAT FAKE DRUG PROBLEM/LILA BULLSHIT UUUGH. I stopped watching the TV series because of that.

3) Dr. Danco is so awesome you don't even know. He's the villain from book 2, and he essentially plays hangman with his victims, but instead of adding a limb on paper he takes one off of the victim. :D


5) There is none of that "DEBORAH ONLY GETS INTO SUPER FUCKED-UP RELATIONSHIPS~" thing in the books. I think there's an interview somewhere where someone from the show basically went "Deborah in a stable relationship? PFFFFFFFT" and that pissed me off a bit. In the first book she didn't even meet Dexter's brother until the end, and was at no point in a relationship with him. Then in book 2 she meets a dude named Kyle Chutsky and is still in a relationship with him in book 3, even after he gets his arm and leg cut off. WAY TO HONOR YOUR SOURCE MATERIAL~

6) Astor and Cody are better characters in the books. Dexter is basically their Harry. oshi---

7) LaGuerta dies in the first book, which was nice because she is super annoying.

8) Deborah actually knows that Dexter is a serial killer in the book series, and she's not as much of a cuntbag.

I'm sure there's more I could list, but I'm tired at the moment, so I'll just say that everyone should read the Dexter book series. :B

...Aaaand I can't wait till Friday because I get my paycheck asdfkla
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