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I'm gonna punch you in the cancer

I'M BACK. I never did say I was leaving though. Oh well.

Monday I left to go to hopelikefever's place, and I am back. Well, not really. I'm on the train, but this won't be posted until I'm back home, so whateva.

-I reached an entirely new level of nerdular nerdance on Tuesday-- I played my very first tabletop RPG. It wasn't like Dungeons and Dragons though-- it was a modern setting with some fantasy elements (for example, our characters went clubbing and the bouncer was a troll). My character was a doctor/smart hero/whatever named Remy Kumar-Clark. My very first two D20 rolls were both 20. I was so proud of me. :') Well, up until I got depressed and killed myself after the game, since I won't be there to play the next session. :( It was a lot of fun though. I enjoyed it more than I expected to.

-SO MUCH GOOD FOOD UUUGGGGHHHHH. If I knew how to type salivation noises I would. I got pho, sushi, chicken katsudon, bonito onigiri, a hotdog that had pastrami piled on it and then I died of a heart attack, coffee ice cream, and and and ugh. I've probably met my delicious food quota for the year. I regret nothing.

-A brain jynx means someone owes you a brain soda, and three brain sodas equals a real soda. I owe Roseh two brain sodas. D:

-We watched a movie called Tokyo Zombie that Roseh and her friend Kaiji are in, and it turned out to be quite the masterpiece, I have to say. :')

-Vienna Teng makes me foam at the mouth.

-On Monday I spent a few hours telling Aimee not to spoil me for House, and then NOT EVEN TWO MINUTES AFTER ROSEH PICKED ME UP I GOT SPOILED NOOOO. Then I found the memorial website (which was at, but was taken down recently) and was sad after reading Taub's note. After trying to download it and failing several times, I found it on MegaVideo Tuesday night and watched it... right up until the last ten minutes, which is when MegaVideo decided HURRHURR YOU'VE WATCHED ENOUGH TELEVISION FOR TODAY. The next morning I finally got it downloaded and I watched the last ten minutes, and I'm not gonna lie. I bawwed a little. and by a little i mean OH GOD KUTNER WHY

I don't really do well with funerals, I guess, which I suppose is why I was kinda like "aw man that sucks" when Amber died, and right now the amount of times I've watched Kutner's funeral and the amount of times I've bawwwwwwed while watching it is the same.

Taub made me really sad. His memorial note (which said "I really don't want to write anything. I have nothing to say... I'm pissed off. Why didn't you talk to me? Idiot. I miss you.") and then his reaction at the end are the most depressing parts about the whole thing. I also don't really do well when characters who are that guarded break down, I guess. I might've acted similarly.

I know Kutner needed to be written out of the script since Kal Penn is leaving, but they could have given a reason. I hope they do soon. I'm curious, since there never was a Kutner-centric episode.


And now it's 2AM, so I have to get some sleep hurrhurr.
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