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Every living thing, pushed into the ring

Stolen from Roseh!

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing for battle. Second two people; second pairing for battle. Etc. Then write your reaction to each battle.

I left some out 'cause they weren't interesting though. :'(

Agrias Oaks Vs. America
LOL, I think Agrias wins this one, if only because America's weapon would probably be a hamburger.

Apollo Justice Vs. Balmung
ohshi-- Well, first Apollo tries to PERCEIVE THE TRUTH. Then Balmung stabs him. And then... oh I guess it's over now.

Barack Obama Vs. Derek Stiles

Neither die. Obama gets lung cancer because he smokes and only Derek is a bad enough dude to save the president!! During the operation, something goes horribly wrong and Obama is on the brink of death but IT'S OKAY because Derek has the HEALING TOUCH.

Dick Gumshoe Vs. Emily Prentiss
Well considering their careers, I think they'd join forces...

Gun Turret Vs. Haseo
LOL, Gun Turret wins. It just does. Haseo would be too busy being a whiny bitch about OVAAAAN

Kite Vs. Klavier Gavin
Ooooh I don't know. I see Kite winning just because he's a little batshit (in //4_KOMA at least). XD

Kouichi Aizawa Vs. Kristoph Gavin

They're a tie in the CRAZY department but I think Aizawa wins because of the whole immortality thing. Though, if anything, they might actually get along. XD

Larry Butz Vs. Major Ocelot
For some reason, they totally just turned into BFFs in my mind. I don't know why.

Maya Fey Vs. Miharu Rokujou
I think they'd just end up being friends, but Miharu would hate her.

Miles Edgeworth Vs. Naked Snake
No fighting, just sex. 8'D

Norinori Nippori Vs. Nozomu Itoshiki
This one is easy, because Itoshiki would just kill himself. Norinori wins without doing anything!

Otacon Vs. Para-Medic
This one is also easy. Otacon wins because all he would have to do is fall in love with her and then she would die. 8D

Pearl Fey Vs. Penguin
Both win out of sheer adorable.

Phoenix Wright Vs. Raiden
Phoenix wins because Raiden is too busy whining and making Beauty and the Beast analogies. Also, Phoenix is a hobo and I'm sure he acquired some sort of hobo fighting skills.

Ramza Beoulve Vs. Revolver Ocelot
Well, at first it seems like Ocelot has the obvious advantage just because Ramza doesn't even know what a gun IS until chapter 2 of FFTactics. But I always make sure Ramza has Auto Potion and Two Hands, which makes it really easy to not die and make others dead really fast!

Riku Vs. Robert Chase
Chase wins, because even though I hate Chase, I hate Riku more. Also, Chase apparently has no problem with killin' dudes.

Romeo Vs. Ryuken Ishida
Ryuken would even have to do anything because Romeo just kills himself.

Seifer Vs. Solid Snake
If Seifer can be beaten by Vivi in Struggle, I'm pretty sure Solid Snake is more than a match for him in a battle...

Solidus Snake Vs. Szayel Aporrosomethingsomething
Well, Solidus Snake is a corpse and Szayel is a science genius girl. So it's a tie.

Tacky the Penguin Vs. Takeshi Gotanda
Mental image of Gotanda beating penguins with a baseball bat... 8(

The Judge Vs. Uryuu Ishida
I dunno man. Ishida's missing a hand in the manga now, and the Judge has a gavel...

Victor Niguel Vs. Yoite
Well, Victor is a lab rat and Yoite can kill people with his finger. Yoite wins!

Also I kinda wanna do that 100 Things That Make Me Happy meme thing I've seen around. But with finals week coming up next week and then my trip to SoCal we'll see if I end up wanting to put in the effort to do that. XD
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