+have I lied to you?

+I mean, in this room?

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"This chick amuses me to no end. :D" -care
"I remember when I first heard about lady_agrias on the radio. I was hesitant to try her at first. I called the company nonetheless and ordered my very own and now I just can't stop using her! The people on the phone were very helpful and didn't make me feel embarrassed because of my problem. She doesn't even smell like bacon!" -hopelikefever
"She's my sister." -iluvikarishinji
"Phoenix Wright, FFTactics, and Bleach? Oh, my!" -kaiousei
"This Soupy is three hundred dollars. GET HER! > : E" -sannask
"She shot my farm and salted my children!" -hly_drgn_swrd
"Ridden hard and put to bed wet. >D" -fluttering
"Andee is a member of a secret cult with only two members that worships Gregory Deegan. Anyone else claiming to be in it is just a wannabe. :P" -wingdance
"You owe me eleven dollars." -samaside
"lady_agrias: The one person in the world NO ONE can object to." -fullmetal_katu

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